April 14, 2021

Give individual style to your interior with the color trends 2021

  • SOMA sideboard in grey-blue in a modern living room
  • VITA wall combination of sideboard and shelf in taupe and stone grey
  • Ocean blue wardrobe with sliding door hiding a TV
  • Lorbeergrünes SOMA Sideboard mit Türen und Schubladen

Rarely have our own four walls been so much the center of our lives. In times when restaurants, bars, theaters and even offices are closed, we spend most of our time at home and develop a new feeling for our homes. Color trends take a special place in the interior. Used in furniture, walls, textiles or decorative items, color design allows you to create versatile accents in your home.

But how do color trends come about? We ask Karin Brobeil, art director at Kettnaker. "Today, the influencing factors are more diverse than ever: it's design experts in the creative industry, fashion and interiors who provide the impetus. Multiple cultural currents, also the creative mixing of the individual disciplines and, last but not least, the search of each individual for unique forms of expression give rise to something like color trends," Brobeil explains. This year, expressive, familiar, timeless and natural hues are high on the agenda. Be on the lookout for new favorite colors!

Color trends at Kettnaker: Inspiration for every personality and room situation.
At Kettnaker, the color concept for the furniture systems takes on a special significance. As a system furniture, the collection is continuously supplemented, with new surfaces the color spectrum is also adapted. Customer requests also influence the collection in order to provide a coherent and versatile range. "Of course, every adaptation within the collection takes place on the pulse of current trends, which could hardly be more multi-layered: Among our colors are neutral all suitables, trendy, bizarre, loud, classy and timeless - because timeless colors can also be colors of the time."

Colors convey a mood and an attitude in the interior

Whether walls, carpets, furniture or smaller accessories, with the desired dosage of color you enliven the feel-good atmosphere. The new Kettnaker colors volcano grey and ruby give your interior a decidedly elegant, stylish character. In 2021, volcano grey is the new edition of the everlasting All Suitable "Grey", the color symbol for reliability and elegance. A more expressive statement within your modern interior provides the new Kettnaker color ruby. As individual as your color choice can be, it's right in line with the color trends of the year.

Color trends of nature: In the jungle, on the coffee plantation, by the sea
In 2021, nature color trends are more relevant than ever. Regardless of living in the city or countryside, people like to choose colors close to nature for a calming atmosphere: whether earthy tones like the taupe presented by Kettnaker or energy exuding blues like Kettnaker's ocean blue or gray blue- these color trends reflect closeness to nature and send us mentally on a journey. The new Kettnaker laurel green also makes furniture systems an it-piece, a mood-setter, which nevertheless retain their harmonious effect in their decent color strength. No matter what color trends you choose, it is an expression of your personality. Browse through the Kettnaker furniture programs within many different surfaces and color trends- here you will find the right object for your interior.

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