Möbel­manufaktur Kettnaker: High-quality furniture from Germany

Kettnaker is a furniture manufacturer for high-quality furniture systems "Made in Germany". Since its foundation in 1870, our company headquarters have been located in Dürmentingen, Swabia. Here we develop and manufacture exclusive, individually configurable furniture for all living areas, from closet to sideboard, table and shelf unit to bed. All production steps of our furniture manufacture, the design, development and production, are 100 percent "Made in Germany" and take place in our house. Our long-standing partnership with over 300 upscale furniture stores, interior designers, interior architects and architects worldwide has a significant influence on our product portfolio. Discussions with them are our source of inspiration. Through them we know the furnishing needs and design wishes of our customers, they bring the expertise of Kettnaker Möbelmanufaktur to the world.

Individual furniture with system

The furniture manufacturer Kettnaker is constantly developing new individual furnishing solutions. The SOMA program illustrates our innovative strength: sideboards and cupboards are equipped with exchangeable front panels and can be exchanged without tools using a magnet exchange system. Colors and materials of the high-quality furniture can thus be changed even after years. All other products of Kettnaker Möbelmanufaktur can also be individually configured according to your wishes. All modules can be arranged in different heights, widths and depths.

High-quality furniture thanks to sophisticated production techniques and precision craftsmanship

The product portfolio of Kettnaker Möbelmanufaktur is characterized by a wide variety of materials. It ranges from fine wood veneers, steel, glass, aluminum and ceramics to almost any color of lacquer. The innovative system concept, which we have developed over decades, combines sophisticated production techniques and the highest precision in craftsmanship. A team of many long-standing and self-trained employees takes each component several times in hand, it is reground, improved, controlled. Only in this way is it possible to maintain the high quality standards of the Kettnaker Möbelmanufaktur.

From joinery to furniture manufacture

The origins of our furniture manufacture date back to the year 1870. At that time, Karl Kettnaker founded a carpentry workshop in Dürmentingen, which his son Carl continued to run with individual production and direct sales. A major fire completely destroys the production in 1960. The fourth generation with the sons Karl and Edmund, after reconstruction, gears the company towards series production. At the beginning of the 1970s, the style of the furniture changes in ever shorter intervals. Modular systems replace compact cabinets. With the RANCH furniture system, brothers Karl and Edmund Kettnaker are represented at the Cologne Furniture Fair for the first time in 1977.

Values, timelessness and quality

Eleven years later, our current managing director Wolfgang Kettnaker takes the place of his late father at the age of 23. Together with the development team, he breaks new ground in the early nineties: The design became more modern and purist, the company invested in new production technology. At the end of the 1990s, Kettnaker expands its product range for the first time to include lacquer surfaces combined with valuable wood veneers. Together with his sister Karin Brobeil, who as Creative Director shapes the current brand image, Wolfgang Kettnaker orients the company towards the future: "We don't run after trends. Our furniture manufacture stands for long-lasting values and quality. Kettnaker's expertise has grown over decades, it has been passed on and continuously expanded in the family and team of our long-standing developers".

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