March 3, 2021

Furniture Made in Germany: Kettnaker quality now with official seal of approval

German quality standard as a decision-making guide when it comes to buying furniture: The Kettnaker Möbelmanufaktur is one of the important German manufacturers that have been awarded the new "Furniture Made in Germany" seal of quality by the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM).
Quality furniture is in high demand when it comes to new home furnishings. But how can high-quality products be recognized? The geographical guarantee of origin mark in accordance with RAL-RG 0191 "Furniture Made in Germany," which was launched in 2020, is intended to provide orientation here. It identifies cabinets, chairs, sofas and other furnishings that demonstrably meet strict criteria and were manufactured in Germany. "Furniture Made in Germany" - this has been a tradition at the furniture manufacturer Kettnaker for 150 years. The high-quality sideboards, wardrobes, tables and shelving systems from Kettnaker are produced without exception at the company's location in Dürmentingen, Upper Swabia. But there are other requirements to be met in order to receive the industry label.

Criteria for top quality: customers can rely on "Furniture Made in Germany"
The new label is subject to strict conditions set by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification (RAL). Compliance with the requirements is monitored by the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM) on behalf of the VDM.
"Furniture Made in Germany" requires that construction, assembly and quality testing must take place in Germany. As a minimum requirement, 55 percent of the components in a furniture program must come from German production.
It is not without reason that furniture made in Germany enjoys special trust. This special connection to German products is also based on values such as innovation, durability and healthy living - further criteria for receiving the new seal of quality. As a German furniture manufacturer with a long tradition, which also complies with the sustainability aspects defined by the VDM, the Kettnaker company is now officially confirmed with the "Made in Germany" label.

The German furniture manufacturer Kettnaker: Development competence "Made in Germany
Our furniture manufactory celebrated its 150th anniversary last year. At our location in Dürmentingen in Upper Swabia, we employ about 100 people, many of whom have been associated with the company for many years. The location in Germany has never been questioned in 150 years. Our success is not based on the creativity of external designers - as is the case with many of our competitors - but on internal development expertise that, with the help of a dynamic innovative force, is constantly creating something new. The impetus for new developments is provided above all by Wolfgang Kettnaker, who recognizes needs through his proximity to the retail trade and translates them into innovations. As Creative Director, Karin Brobeil, sister of Wolfgang Kettnaker, shapes the brand identity of the manufactory. Thus, the entire competence from development to production of our high-quality furniture is not only exclusively in Germany, but even completely "inhouse" in the Swabian Dürmentingen. Furniture "Made in Germany" is explicitly appreciated by our customers and lived by us every day - now also with letter and seal.

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