May 5, 2020

Kettnaker furniture now also in trend color ocean blue

The Pantone Color Institute has chosen a shade of blue as color of the year 2020: Blue conveys harmony and security and at the same time radiates optimism and joie de vivre. In times of a growing longing for nature, this trend color is not only an all-rounder in the fashion world. Blue tones are also increasingly used to set colorful accents in interior design. The timeless ocean blue harmonizes perfectly with neutral colors such as white and grey. But also in combination with wood or the complementary colors orange or red, the trend color creates a powerful and cosy living ambience. Wolfgang Kettnaker also recognizes the increasing trend towards colorful furniture: "Especially with solitaires such as chests of drawers or sideboards, our customers like to choose tones beyond the classics. This allows them to set sculptural color accents in their furnishing concepts," explains Kettnaker's managing director.

Trend colors and their powerful effect

Not only furnishing experts know: A harmonious room concept depends on various factors. The choice of a suitable color concept contributes significantly to the feeling of well-being. Colors unfold their effect on several levels: They change spatial perception, give rooms a certain aura and thus influence the psyche. Each trend color has different characteristics. For example, Canadian scientists have found in brain performance tests that the color blue stimulates creativity and promotes new solution strategies.

Designer furniture in trend colors: A sea of possibilities
As far as the choice of color for designer furniture is concerned, a lot has changed in the last 10 years. Karin Brobeil, Creative Director at Kettnaker, also notes this: "Years ago, there were still real trends in terms of shape and color. Nowadays, good design allows everything that spatially reflects the personality of the owner. Just like in the fashion world, we recognize that while there are trend colors, basically anything is possible. The harmonious overall impression and the individual spatial effect are decisive".

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