Wood mechanic apprenticeship at the furniture manufacturer Kettnaker in Dürmentingen

Are you interested in a unique combination of craftsmanship and high-tech? The wood mechanic apprenticeship at Kettnaker offers you a three-year dual apprenticeship in our furniture factory with its own training center in Dürmentingen, Biberach.

We make you fit in the disciplines "furniture and interior fittings" as well as "monitoring of production plants". With us, you will learn all production steps up to the ready-to-deliver piece of furniture. This is something very special, because while the assembly of furniture at other companies usually takes place at different locations and even in different countries, with us you can experience the entire development and production cycle of the furniture series.

By the way: in 2020, our wood mechanic apprentices started a great project of their own: In our blog post "Wood mechanic training at Kettnaker: with team spirit and hand toolsto your own product" you can find out more!

We look forward to receiving your application for an apprenticeship as a wood mechanic

The wood mechanic apprenticeship in our furniture factory sets a high priority on learning manual skills. In combination with the teaching of current knowledge about the latest technology, the development of which is driven forward daily at our company, you are ideally equipped to start your professional life as a wood mechanic.

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„The processing of woods, combined with traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art machine technology, has inspired me from an early age..“

Steffen Scherb
Training Manager

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact us: Our training manager Steffen Scherb is looking forward to your messages.


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