The beauty of function.

The beauty of a piece of furniture is not only determined by its shape, its colour and its materials, but also by how much joy it gives to people in their everyday life. With Kettnaker, aesthetics has been harmoniously connected with functionality for a long time. With numerous thoughtful and well-crafted details, we are delighted to be constantly creating little moments of joy in our customers’ life. Our aim is to create timeless objects beyond trends and fashions – for us, this is the most beautiful task in the world.

Wolfgang Kettnaker

System and poetry.

Founded as a classical furniture manufacturer in 1870, our company has constantly reinvented itself over the years. However, we have remained true to our traditional values at all times: Kettnaker furniture is produced using the latest manufacturing technology and is an expression of maximum individuality, perfect craftsmanship and a passion for precision. Each object is a genuine one-off piece. Our customers know to appreciate all of this. Today, the unique Kettnaker furniture from the Swabian town of Dürmentingen is enjoyed all across the globe.

What makes the modular Kettnaker system so special is its simplicity. The clear, minimalist design language, the uniform formats and the sophisticated functionality of the individual objects turn the planning process into a playful pleasure. Add to that the high-quality materials, such as fine woods, glass or aluminium, as well as the finely tuned colour palette, the variety of possible combinations is almost infinite. Literally unique pieces of furniture can be created, independent, clear and exceptionally aesthetic. Pieces of furniture that tell their own story – poetry in space.