April 29, 2021

What does the home office furniture look like in the New Normal?

What does the home office furniture look like in the New Normal?
Who does not talk about the lack of space in the home office and the limited opportunities to spread out while working? If the apartment has no additional space for a separate study, the multifunctional home office furniture comes into focus. After all, the "new living" combines work and private retreat to the New Normal. Regardless of whether the household includes a family of four, a couple, a three-person shared apartment or a single person, it is the necessary flexibility that gives rise to new spatial concepts. Often, repurposing results in new home office furniture that replaces traditional office desks. Those who can adapt to living and working situations thanks to the purchase of a changeable home office furniture have a head start.

The dining table with extension function is home office furniture in the New Normal

Especially city dwellers in smaller apartments often have to look for alternatives to the study and make room for a suitable home office furniture. Others simply give their existing furniture a new function: often, laptops, documents and writing utensils lie spread out on the dining table. The actual dining area is misappropriated. Disorderly chaos quickly ensues when roommates show up for lunch. Here, the extendable table offers the first flexible solution, because its extra length creates enough space for work utensils. Kettnaker's SOMA table has a pull-out function to extend the table as needed. An improvised workspace at the dining table can be very easily separated with selected home accessories such as a vase with flowers. So there is no need to invest in a new home office furniture.
Turn your storage furniture into home office furniture!
Sideboards, shelves and drawer chests create the necessary storage space in your interior. As home office furniture, they are the practical addition to the workplace. In the Kettnaker program you will find MIO, VITA, ALEA and SOMA, a wide range of flexible furniture that will complement your interior with an aesthetic, multifunctional home office furniture. Folders, documents and laptop can be easily stored behind closed fronts at the end of the day.

The practical home office furniture: The desk flap of the VITA shelf.
Our fold-out work surface integrated in the VITA shelf is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a small home office furniture: The modern secretary offers enough space for a laptop and the most important work utensils. The space-saving wall shelf presents practical storage options with built-in compartments. Even modules with power and USB connections are optionally available here. The equipment and design variety with different colors and surfaces makes VITA an aesthetic home office furniture that combines functionality and aesthetics. When the work is done, the desk is simply closed.

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