June 29, 2023

Innovative high-tech multimedia furniture by Kettnaker and Leica

  • Kettnaker prottype lowboard with CINE 1 beamer by Leica
  • Kettnaker prottype lowboard with CINE 1 beamer by Leica
  • Kettnaker prottype lowboard with CINE 1 beamer by Leica
  • Kettnaker prottype lowboard with CINE 1 beamer by Leica

Renowned furniture manufacturer Kettnaker and world-renowned optical technology brand Leica have given a taste of the future of multimedia entertainment at imm cologne 2023. The two companies are working together on an innovative piece of high-tech multimedia furniture, a lowboard, which captivates with its iconic and clearly defined design and perfectly meets the growing need for stylish integration of large TV sets in living areas.

A look into the future of the entertainment experience
The multimedia furniture, currently under development and expected to be available from 2024, consists of three central elements: the Kettnaker SOMA lowboard, a screen integrated into the furniture and the innovative Cine 1 Cinema TV from Leica. With this innovative prototype, Kettnaker and Leica plan to solve the problem of ever-growing TV sets and how to integrate them into the living area.

Stylish solution for growing TV sizes
As TV sets and screens grow in size, integrating them into the design of living spaces has become a challenge. The innovative lowboard by Kettnaker and Leica, which is expected to be presented at the imm cologne in January 2024, offers an elegant solution to this problem. When required, it transforms into a projection screen of up to 120 inches for the best entertainment. Behind the screen, there is enough space for art, photography or other wall decorations, which can be fully displayed again when not in use.

Cooperation between two master brands
This powerful cooperation is based on the synergy that arises when two successful and unique companies come together. Kettnaker, known for its excellent craftsmanship and design aesthetics, and Leica, known for its precision and technological innovation, have combined their expertise to develop the media board of the future.

The SOMA base - a versatile classic
The innovative lowboard is based on Kettnaker's successful SOMA furniture system. This system offers exceptional flexibility thanks to its innovative magnetic exchange system. The possibility of changing surfaces afterwards guarantees that the piece of furniture will still fit in perfectly with the furnishings even after a long period of time.

Meisterkreis - Luxury made in Germany

The idea for the collaboration came about at a meeting of the Meisterkreis, an association of Germany's best companies. This unique partnership - Kettnaker meets Leica - sets new standards in the field of multimedia entertainment.
The future of home entertainment is being redefined by the innovative lowboard from Kettnaker and Leica. We look forward to the full presentation of this unique multimedia furniture at imm cologne in January 2024. Stay tuned to find out more.

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