January 28, 2021

Creating storage space with the right wardrobe: the flexible furniture systems from Kettnaker

For many, one of the good resolutions for the New Year is to declutter and create storage space in their own four walls. After all, regularly sorting out and organising one's own things is generally considered liberating. For people with little storage space in their home, a tidying system is even essential. Marie Kondo, renowned tidying coach and best-selling author, advises only keeping things that give you real pleasure. Not so easy, when during "magic cleaning" every item has to be examined in the hand: Does this item of clothing really make me happy? And if so, how can I store it in a space-saving way?

The trick: create storage space and keep an overview
According to expert Marie Kondo, every item has its fixed place in the household to which it should always be returned. Well thought-out furniture with clever details can help with this challenge: With a width of up to 4 metres, the FLAT and GRIP wardrobe systems from Kettnaker offer a particularly large amount of storage space. As storage places for your favourite pieces, all our wardrobes come up with an ingenious system: The interior can be individually configured to create an overview and storage space. In drawers, pull-out linen racks and additional shelves, items of clothing find their fixed place and can be sorted according to season, occasion or colour. Shoes are stored in space-saving and well-arranged fashion in insertable shoe shelves. Never search again: With the help of flexible organiser boxes in leather look, even small accessories such as belts, watches, ties and jewellery can be elegantly stored. This means that the jewellery is not only safely stored, but also quickly to hand.

Separate living and working areas with the help of storage space
The home has long since become a multifunctional retreat where the areas of living and working increasingly overlap. Thus, flexible furniture and storage solutions are also in demand in the living room and study as never before. Against this background, there is a new challenge: the change from a work situation to a homely atmosphere. This can be achieved more easily if work utensils can be put away in a few easy steps after work. Our drawer inserts can be placed effortlessly in the drawers of the SOMA and ALEA furniture systems. There they create an overview and storage space for all important utensils and avoid a jumble of pens and office supplies. The individual trays are flexible so that the arrangement can always be adapted individually. Organising boxes are also ideal for open shelving walls, because they convey an aesthetically calm and tidy impression instead of small-scale juxtaposition. In addition, special books and selected decorative pieces can set accents. Whether our own things and many possessions make us happy or not (and then, according to Marie Kondo, should actually be disposed of) - one thing is certain: the satisfied feeling of having enough storage space at our disposal is very close to happiness.

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